Wounded bowl
burl, 2019
Wounded Bowl Top
Burl, 2019
Wounded Bowl, bottom
Burl, 2019

Red and gray bowl

Birch, 2016

burl bowl

Unknown wood, 2016

The big knit

cherry, rope, 2011

Photo by: Heather zinger

The big knit in action

Photo by: Heather zinger

the big knit

Salt lick

salt, 2010

Salt lick reverse side

Rolling pin, 2010

rolling pin detail

Thought Nest

Walnut, cherry, foam, acrylic, 2010

Thought Nest detail

Hand Carved Rolling Pin, 2013

Fear box 1

walnut, cherry, 2009

fear box 1 detail

Fear Box 2

Walnut, cherry, 2009

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